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It looks like our December family trip this year will be to Tokyo and I'm supposed to plan the itinerary or something...just wondering if anyone has any recs for places to visit? It's going to be a short trip (~5 days 4 nights or so) so we can't travel too far outside if at all, and one day's more or less booked up for Disneysea I think.

Looking for:
- something scenic (I know it's the city and will be in winter !! MY PARENTS JUST REALLY LIKE PHOTOGRAPHY, anything that's nice to get pics of also works)
- general...places of interest...Skytree's on the list, I'm thinking of visiting an aquarium maybe...or something sciencey...idk...maybe a bird cafe
- places to eat at? I guess?
- as far as anime/manga/games go I'm only really looking for a place to get YGO cards at a good price so my brother can burn a hole in his wallet, I could do research on this myself though
- also probably drop by a Pokemon Centre and burn a hole in mine, I don't wanna bore my parents spending too long shopping there are a lot of places I want to visit but also I need to consider that they're most likely not going to be interested and will raise eyebrows at not-very-wholesome doujins so that's definitely off the list
- shopping for nice snacks we can bring back. cute souvenirs

Other general notes:
- my dad is vegetarian and incredibly picky, please save me I don't know how to talk my way out of this one
- we'll PROBABLY be stationed around Sunshine City but this hasn't been confirmed yet, and my sense of distance will be seriously impaired because Singapore is 1/3 the size of Tokyo it's positively mind-boggling
- half of the family likes EXCITING THINGS and the other half (including me) likes quiet places like museums. help (there are not enough exciting things I know about)
- my brother and I both can read/understand spoken Japanese fine so navigation is definitely not a problem, this is also the 3rd time we'll be in Tokyo (so we've visited the Ghibli museum before, among other places)
- but because we don't have conversational partners we're both atrocious at talking, so I would kind of really prefer not to have to talk a lot and embarrass myself (for the third time; it is more or less trauma level now and my dad hasn't let me off the hook for messing up 9 years ago I do wanna get better but ??)
I remember the last time we managed to survive because we kept bumping into people who spoke Chinese...
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