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8 Apr: Looks like I forgot to update here with the last translation?? We're up to chapter 3 now, over here.

Translation doc link as usual:


24 Mar: Chapter 1 results translateeeeeeeed, the Pixiv update is here. It's still not too late to join if you want to!!

Once more with feeling! Doc link:

Chapter 2 info on the 25th.
I have school assignment deadlines coming up in close succession with no mercy, so honestly speaking I don't know for sure if I'll have the time to translate it immediately...I haven't even been drawing for the past few days...


17 Mar: Chapter 1 midpoint results up and translated! Here on Pixiv.
I've also translated the side event for chapter 1 and the territory vignette things (that took a while, wow). I'm probably actually going to paste this link every update

...that said I still haven't done anything apart from the ref rip...schoolwork...


9 Mar: CHAPTER 1 IS UP here on Pixiv and also official event info
I've translated all of the above. I feel so productive.


Please refer to it for future translations! I'll pop a reminder here if anything official happens but everything else goes there

Here is the main PF submission! Further specific links are inside the doc.
As of this update I've translated the country information with the exception of the characters, and the main contents page details. All done!!
Tags are at the bottom of the doc.

I've been so out of it recently omg need to get mOTIVATED does anyone have character ideas yet?


22 Feb: Small Twitter update.

The map for this round's PF seems to have land outside the main area, right? One of the sub-events will be related to characters outside of the map. Maybe it's possible to get help from an outside country? - source


20 Feb: Sorry for the late update! I've been busy with school.

Preview upload

Pixiv Fantasia, a project for livening Pixiv up with fantasy illustrations, will begin.

This year will be the 8th time it will be held. The theme for this round is "dark fantasy".

The stage is set in a world where three factions, the Rebels, Sovereign and Avengers battle, in the land where the kingdom was destroyed by the forces of darkness and war.

The specific details of the project will be released on February the 25th.
If you are interested, and/or like fantasy illustrations, please join.

The submission itself doesn't contain anything new so I'll hold off translating it for now in favour of more important information.
However, please note that you should not submit anything to the tags before 25th February to prevent confusion.

25th February is the opening date. This round, there will be a new feature(s), something like sub-events. - source

There is still a bit of time before the story event begins, so I will be glad if you can think of new ideas after the details are posted, anticipate the changes in each faction and so on. - source

Pixiv Fantasia FK will open on 25th of February, but the official story events will start on 8th of March. - source

Map for PFFK
Presenting the map of the world that will be the stage for Pixiv Fantasia. I am looking forward to see what kind of battle will unfold between the participants this round. Please look forward to the reveal of the details on 25th February. - source

4 more days to go!! ₍₍ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ⁾⁾
I'll officially put up the translation document link when the information is out and I've made a pass at translating it.


9 Feb: Preliminary info is out!!

Here are the visuals for each participating faction in Pixiv Fantasia. This round involves a war between 3 factions, taking place in a land where kingdom(s) were destroyed in a war against the forces of darkness. - source

The concepts for each country are "Rebels", "Sovereign" and "Avengers" respectively. More information will be revealed on this account as the opening of the event comes closer. The contents and opening of submissions will be at the end of February, and the start of the event is scheduled to be on the 8th of March. - source

The Rebels are a faction that consists of the descendants of people who lived in the kingdom destroyed by the Sovereign, the people who uphold the resistance, and the prince(/duke?) who left the Sovereign. The descendants of the kingdom aim to revive their destroyed kingdom, while the prince's goal is to use people to defeat the Sovereign. - source

The Sovereign is a group that destroyed the kingdom of men and control the land that forms the stage for this event. The king of darkness, now the dictator, rules the land with five dukes. Their goal is to destroy the Rebels and take complete control over the land. - source

The Avengers were an alliance that was once a military force that battled the Sovereign, but was betrayed by the kingdom and destroyed. A witch from a foreign country granted the dead a mark that revived them, and this faction consists of these people as well as those who are worshippers of that power. Their goal is to take revenge on the kingdom that betrayed them, and revive their destroyed kingdom. - source

blue: rebels, overthrow red, revive kingdom
red: destroy all the things, take control of all the things
yellow: ded

My translation skills are rusty and ArohaJ tends to use really long nested sentences so some of these are pretty awkward!! Also there may be translational inaccuracies where not enough information was given but no worries!!! I'll update again when new information is out!!!!!


3 Feb: Sorry for the day late update!!

Next Sunday onwards, the images and other information on the next round of PF will be posted on the official PF account . Current plans are to upload contents and opening of submissions at the end of February, and begin the event on 8th March. - source

Next Sunday = 9th February.

You can assume the schedule will be the same as last year's, but you will have the information on the setting slightly earlier. - source

A month left to go! I've already started the Google Doc for translations but I'll only post it when the information starts coming in, since it's pointless for now (there's almost nothing in it so far).


Pixiv Fantasia 8 has been announced on Twitter!!
There is no real solid information yet, but I'll be updating this journal as the info rolls in!! Once again, I'll be translating all PF event updates as best as I can, I'll start the relevant Google Doc once we have more details!

For now, we have an image preview of three characters from each faction!
This round's Pixiv Fantasia is set in a ruined world, a story of darkness and war between three factions. Further information on each faction will be announced this month.

Who's excited?! *w*


Copy-and-pasted from last year's journal:
For those who aren't too sure what Pixiv Fantasia is-

:bulletred: What is Pixiv Fantasia:

Pixiv Fantasia is a user-run fantasy-themed project organised on pixiv that happens yearly. It's run by arohaJ, and takes place over a period of around 8 weeks per event. Over these 8 weeks, pixiv users cram out art in possibly the greatest coordinated creative effort on the site ever and...well basically draw themselves silly. It's not just illustrations, either - people also create music and etc. for the project. Once the 8 weeks are over, though, it's over - no one or almost no one touches old content, so it's best to join early to make the most of the project.

There is no requirement to join, and there are actually a number of ways to participate (and more, if you can think of them). So yes that means no minimum art standard. It's a free-for-all. Let me repeat. IT'S A FREE-FOR-ALL. THERE IS NO MINIMUM WHATEVER AND NO ONE'S GOING TO POLICE YOUR ARTWORK AND CHARACTERS (as long as you have common sense).

*NOTE: only works submitted on Pixiv count towards the project so you do need to have a Pixiv account.

:bulletred: I have a guide here if you're interested in knowing more!! I originally wrote it for my friends but might as well share. Feel free to ask me questions if there are things you're wondering about, but do read through the guide first, I tried to address as many common concerns as I could think of!

Additionally, here are some Pixiv community links if you're looking for friends!
pixiv Fantasia official group (Japanese):
Pixiv Fantasia WorldWide group (English):
Pixiv Fantasia 中文 (Chinese):
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There actually is a short explanation at the bottom of the post in which I linked this longer guide :> If you have any more questions you can ask me!
zombieslime Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
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I want to create character to join with them (but I understand that....T T)
Your translation helped me so much!
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ArohaJ uploaded in Pixiv!!!…
countercanon Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist
Ahhh thank you!! I've been busy with school these couple of days, it doesn't really say anything new though so it should be ok *_* I'll update soon!
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